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with Aurora Kumara


I am a time traveling walk-in from the Andromeda Galaxy. 

I am here as a portal keeper, earth and sky guardian, gridworker, frequency holder, channel, healer, and mother. I represent a collective of ascended beings carrying angelic, galactic, and earth frequencies. We have been rotating in and out every 4-8 years starting at age 4. The aspect "Aliocene" was here to rebalance the karma associated with the Orion wars. Her mission was completed and she will not be returning. "Allie" is now in Andromeda and Aurora's consciousness walked into her body on December 17, 2023. I am here to support the awakening of humanity to our multidimensional nature as beings of pure love. 

I am in the process of co-creating a starseed/hybrid children's school called The New Earth Academy. It will be Hawaii based in-person training school for starseed children and the hybrid children that will be coming to earth, to learn and growth together in a safe space. It will also have a virtual platform to provide access to learning/training materials, as well as provide a template for anyone around the world to start their own school. Please stay tuned for updates. 

The aurora borealis image depicted here I believe was taken the day I arrived.

Credit to @nightlightsfilms

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