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Image by Yuheng Ouyang

Elle Kumara


Aurora represents a collective of a variety of beings from across the universe. We are here in part as a galactic ambassador for unity consciousness. The current expression, Elle, is a multidimensional healer, channel, artist, and portal keeper, supporting humanity through healing, integration of contact experiences and hybridization, multidimensional awareness, psionic training, multidimensional parenting, and portal technologies. Elle has the ability to open portals to higher dimensions and channel energies, frequencies, and information for herself and for others that may be transmitted through messages, healing, DNA activations, light language, crystal therapy, artwork, and more. 

We are in the process of co-creating a multidimensional starseed/hybrid school called The New Earth Academy. It will be a training school for cross-species learning and growing together in a safe space. It will have a virtual platform to provide access to learning/training materials, as well as provide a template for anyone around the world to start their own programs. Please stay tuned for updates. 

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